From the office of Glenn Haley

We’re not closing!

Pathway Forward for the YMCA of Topeka – Southwest Branch

It was wonderful to meet so many members at our February 27 meeting. Transparent communication is key, and I appreciate your insights and continued support.

Just to clarify: Core First Bank, who represents the bondholders, has hired a new real estate firm to list our facility. CB Richard Ellis now holds the $2.75 million listing, and they have until August to find a buyer.  The previous realtor failed to gain an offer even close to that asking price, so the bank is trying again with Ellis.

We are prepared to make another offer to purchase our building within the new listing deadline, thanks to the many contributors who have made that offer possible. And the Southwest YMCA will continue to operate throughout the entire listing process and beyond.

Over the next several weeks, watch for information on additional spring offerings, including new fitness classes, summer day and sports camps, and vendor fairs.  And know that the Topeka Y is well positioned to keep growing with your continued support, membership and participation!

As always, feel free to call me or stop by my office if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Glenn Haley

March 12th, 2023