Join our homeschool gym and swim program to keep your homeschoolers active during the day! Each week your child(ren) will receive 1 gym class and 1 swim class. In homeschool gym, your homeschooler(s) will get to experience a variety of sports and gym-style challenges to help them build strength, agility, flexibility and confidence. Swim classes allow your child(ren) to improve their swimming skills with a variety of activities, games and exercises to help them reach their personal swimming goals. Classes are divided into age groups 5-12 (grouped as 5-8 and 9-12) and 13-18.

GYM AGES 13-18
1:00PM -2:30PM
AGES 5-12
1:00PM -2:30PM
1:00PM -2:30PM
AGES 13-18
1:00PM -2:30PM


  • $50/month - Single Child
  • $75/month - Two Children
  • $100/month - Three Children

* $25/month for each additional child
** Member pricing discount available