The YMCA began in 1844 with a Christian Mission focusing on our four core values; Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility!  By the time the YMCA of Topeka was born in 1880, the YMCA was the world’s first organized physical education and health and wellness organization.  As the inventors of the great sport of basketball (1891) and volleyball (1895), the YMCA also became known as the first organization focusing on the total human being – “spirit mind and body”  which is the cornerstone of the YMCA triangle.
At the center of the YMCA triangle is the inscription of the bible verse John 17:21 “that we all may be one”.


First established in Topeka as the Railroad YMCA in 1880.  The YMCA, as it is known today, is the largest provider of childcare services in Shawnee County and provides services to seniors, youth and the community through its many programs.