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Camp, like many Y programs, is about learning skills, developing character, and making friends. But few environments are as special as camp, where kids become a community as they learn both how to be more independent and how to contribute to a group as they engage in physical, social, and educational activities. Camp teaches self-reliance and the development of attitudes and practices that build character and leadership - all amidst the fun of sports, theater, games outdoor adventure, talent shows, and meaningful relationships. Y counselors are dedicated to making sure camp is an amazing experience for every camper.

Extended Camp -  This program offers daily childcare options for elementary aged students during COVID 19 alternative school schedules. Based at the Southwest YMCA (students grades 3rd—6th) and next door at Covenant Baptist Church (grades K-2nd), student’s needs are balanced with learning, physical activities and social skills.

Enroll for the days you need! Extended Camp Enrollment packet available to print below.


enrollment packet

Extended Camp Enrollment Packet