Confidence in the Water.

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. The YMCA offers swim lessons for all ages, as well as group Aquatic Fitness Classes. Swim year-round in our heated, indoor pool and swim with the folks that created group swim lessons!

The next swimming lesson session will begin on Saturday September 18th.  We will offer a 6-week Saturdays only session or 3-week Monday/Wednesday session. Registration for all lessons in that next block begins on September 6th at midnight.  Private lessons are also available upon request. For any inquires on private lessons or questions on registration/levels, please send an email to and I will get back with you as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your interest in the swimming lesson program at the YMCA of Topeka. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your little fish in the pool!

Alexis Hill

Swimming Lesson Coordinator

If you know of anyone that would like to work or volunteer for the YMCA a few hours a week doing the important work of teaching kids to swim, we would love to have you apply and train you. This is our main obstacle at this point and the more instructors we have the more lessons we can do! We thank you for your patience and if you or someone you know would like to help, please apply "HERE". 

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